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Core Humanitarian Standard consultation: one month left to have your say…

Geneva and London: 4 March 2014: With just one month to feedback on the draft Core Humanitarian Standard, HAP and People In Aid, the organisations spearheading the consultation, encourage all those working in the humanitarian and development sectors to make their voice heard on what is expected to be a key document for the sectors in the coming years.

Comprised of ten commitments, the Core Humanitarian Standard supports humanitarian and development actors to apply fundamental humanitarian and human rights principles, improve the quality and effectiveness of assistance, and bring greater accountability to communities and people affected by disaster.

To date, the consultation has drawn feedback from six continents, with over one third of the feedback coming from people resident in Africa, and about 10% of respondents representing crisis-affected communities. The consultation has garnered interest from across the globe, with Peter Walker, Director of the Feinstein International Center, noting: “If you believe that humanitarian aid should be professional, founded on values of altruism, solidarity with victims and accountable to those who suffer, rather than just being about technical service delivery, you need to be part of this dialogue. The Core Humanitarian Standard is at the heart of how and why we work, rather than what we deliver.  If the Standard doesn’t reflect the values and aspirations of aid workers worldwide, we miss a huge opportunity to make our endeavor professional, accountable and compassionate.”

The consultation has been designed to allow as many people as possible to take part of this dialogue and all those engaged in the humanitarian and development sectors, from field staff to academics, are encouraged to use this opportunity to ensure that the Core Humanitarian Standard best meets the needs of practitioners. The consultation will close at noon London time on Monday March 31.

The draft Core Humanitarian Standard is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Feedback can be delivered through Survey Monkey, via the feedback form, or via email at chsfeedback@hapinternational.org. Guidance notes for those wishing to conduct Focus Group Discussions are also available. For any further questions, please contact Murray Garrard at mgarrard@hapinternational.org.

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