Lessons for Understanding Conflict and Conflict Management

This week’s cross-post is an interesting interview with Professor Mahmood Mamdani (Uganda) of the Makerere Institute of Social Research. He sits down with ENCA’s ‘Breaking Views with UNICEF’ to discuss the African experience in conflict management. Why do civil wars happen? “Unsettled questions” such as who belongs to the nation? and what is the definition of the nation? He discusses the reasons for conflict spill-over (1:50) illustrating the cases of Mozambique and Uganda, and looks at conflict resolution through ‘criminal justice’ and ‘political’ lenses. (4:15).

‘The choice we face is a political process or a criminal process. In the courts you are either guilty or no. In war, no one is wholly innocent.’

Check out the full interview here: www.enca.com/breaking-views-unicef-%E2%80%98-african-experience%E2%80%99


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