Effectiveness Reviews: Truly Accountable Monitoring and Evaluation?

There was an interesting blog post by Duncan Green, Strategic Advisor for Oxfam GB (http://oxfamblogs.org/fp2p/where-has-oxfam-got-to-on-trying-to-measure-the-difficult-stuff-empowerment-resilience-and-learning-from-the-results/) late in 2014 which raises that touchy issue of measuring the ‘hard stuff: empowerment and resilience.’ We all, in some way, encounter this problem in our work. We tend to monitor in numbers, with some qualitative data attached for ‘contextual evidence.’ Then we evaluate (or rather, contract an external consultant to undertake an evaluation), and as ‘effectiveness’ constitutes only one of five DAC evaluation criteria (we’re all using that consistently, correct?), it’s pretty simple to minimize the focus on how effective the ‘hard stuff’ has been, in light of the fact that the effectiveness of other activities need to be evaluated as well.

Take a read. Think about it. Time for some change in the M&E field?

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