Good Idea, Failed Practice: The ‘Marriage’ of DRR and CCA

We felt that this opinion piece ( was too important not to publish immediately:

It is a well-known fact that communities perceive and address climate change, disasters and poverty issues in a holistic way and do not approach the threats they face through a fragmented silo approach. Civil society organisations, whose main aim is to build effective community resilience, need therefore to continue to seek a closer strategic engagement between DRR and CCA fields at the local level.

Sadly, though, despite the fact that ‘both fields have vulnerability reduction (or resilience building) as their common overall goal‘ and 10 years ago ‘there was considerable optimism that the DRR and CCA sectors would become natural allies and eventually blend into each other,‘ they remain separate, uncoordinated practice areas.

What are your thoughts? What is preventing the CCA and DRR practices from ‘blending’ into a singular practice area for the benefit of local communities?

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