Welcome to ‘Theory in Practice: A Practitioner’s Journal on Development, Conflict Management and Political Transition’. Our aim is to publish peer-reviewed essays from individuals who want to share the lessons they have learned putting theory into practice.

Unlike other blogs or academic journals, our aim is bridge the gap between academia and the practical application of theories, providing you with information and lessons based on the work that we do in language that practitioners and policy makers understand. We aim to be a platform where the ‘unsexy’ aspects of development, conflict management and political transition can be heard.

Our contributors are not full-time writers, but rather people who work in the above fields and are passionate about what they do, and helping the rest of us to better understand the complex process of putting academic theory or ‘good practices’ harvested from other contexts into practice, for consideration in our own work.

We publish essays on a weekly basis on the following themes:

– Poverty reduction
– Good governance
– Environmental sustainability
– Disaster risk reduction
– Disaster recovery
– Rule of law and access to justice
– Gender-related issues
– Children and youth
– Indigenous issues
– Conflict prevention
– Conflict negotiation and mediation
– Peacebuilding
– Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration
– Community security
– Women and children in conflict
– Elections (national or local level) and political parties
– Working in failed states
– Concepts of democracy in transition states
– Capacity building and capacity development
– Transparency, accountability and anti-corruption
– Community participation
– Project development processes
– Planning, monitoring and evaluation
– Local ownership, perceptions of ownership

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