Theory in Practice accepts referenced essays of 1500-2000 words submitted by single or multiple authors. Essays should focus on an experience, or series of experiences, applying a specific theory to the daily work of development, conflict management and supporting political transition. Essays may also come in the form of a case study, or as a comparative study. References in the form of endnotes should follow the following format: Author, Title, Page No., Vol/Year and/or website/date. Essays should have 1.5 line spacing, using Calibri 11pt font. Contributors are encouraged to use British spelling. Acronyms are accepted only if the term is used more than five times in the text. Contributors should provide a short biographical note at the end of their essay, including name, area of experience (including countries where that experience has been gained), and fields of interest. Please submit your CV along with your essay for our records.

You will be notified within one week acknowledging receipt of your submission. Essays submitted to Theory in Practice will then be vetted by our editorial team to ensure consistency with our aim. If selected for publication, you will be notified within two weeks and it will then undergo a peer review, assessing consistency in argument, gaps in logic and fact checking. Final review and approval will be given by the Editors. Contributors can expect a time frame of approximately eight weeks between the date of submission and publication.
For questions, please contact: