Denika Blacklock Karim

Denika was born and raised in Canada and has worked in the field of development, conflict management and human rights for the past 15 years. Previously she worked with UNDP in Kosovo and Indonesia, and has consulted with a large number of NGOs in South East Europe, the Caucasus, Asia and the Pacific. She has a Masters Degree in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, UK. Her areas of specialization are monitoring and evaluation, governance, conflict management and human rights. She has edited and published a number of articles in books and academic journals and has decided the time is now to make publishing more conducive to the people who NEED to publish: the practitioners in the field who have valuable lessons and insights to share, but do not have the time to commit to the traditional academic publishing process.

She is married to Fakri Karim and has two young children. The family divides their time between Bangkok and Jakarta.


Email: editor@theory-in-practice.net

Twitter: @denikakarim